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Car Insurance

Let’s get you started on your car insurance journey!

Car insurance or four wheeler insurance is an agreement between a car owner and the car insurance provider that offers protection for four-wheelers in the case of financial losses due to unforeseen events like accidents and natural calamities. This contract more often than not, is perceived as a piece of paper to be kept in the dashboard of the car and to be taken out only in case the traffic cops ever asks you for papers. But that’s not all! This paper financially protects your four wheeler in case of damage or loss through an accident. When you’re on the road, no matter how careful, there are chances that you might meet with an accident & you can end up with hefty repair bills.


Well, there are different kinds of four wheeler insurance such as third party car insurance which protects you from financial implications when the insured car accidentally causes damage to third-party vehicle/property or injuries to a third-party or person. This third-party car insurance or liability only cover policy, does not cover damages caused to the insured car. In India, as per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is compulsory to have a valid third-party insurance policy if you want to take your car on the road.


Another type of car insurance policy is comprehensive car insurance policy that protects not only against any third-party liability but also against any financial damage to the car that may be caused due to accidents, theft, fire & natural disasters such as lightening, storm, flood, cyclone etc. or damages which are man-made like vandalism, riots etc. Not only that! You can also avail a Personal Accident Cover which will cover for injuries or God Forbid, any severe physical damage, incurred in an accident!


Once you buy online car insurance, you can choose between a third party car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance or even a stand-alone damage policy, as per your needs. Tata AIG offers a range of third-party and comprehensive car insurance policies online to help you choose the type of coverage and protection your car needs. You can further enhance the comprehensive car insurance coverage with 13 car insurance add-ons. Fill in your car details and check quote to find the car insurance policy that is ideal for your four-wheeler!

Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

Car insurance or a four-wheeler policy is necessary to protect your car and you from various situations and scenarios that lead to financial damages. Here are some of the reasons why you need to have a third-party or comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy:

Compliance with the law

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, having a third-party car insurance policy is compulsory by law. Therefore, every car plying on Indian roads must be covered at least by 3rd party insurance. Without a valid policy, you could end up getting into trouble with the law and would have to pay hefty traffic fines.

Protection from third-party liability

Third-party liability arises when the insured four-wheeler causes accidental damage to a third-party vehicle or property or injuries to a third-party person. Third-party car insurance or even a comprehensive car insurance policy covers these third-party liabilities and protects the policyholder of the insured car from financial damages. At Tata AIG, we offer four-wheeler insurance policies that come with basic as well as extensive insurance cover to protect you from a host of damages

Cover against theft

If your four-wheeler or the car parts are stolen, then your car insurance policy can cover the financial damages and compensate you for the loss of the car or the replacement or repair of the car parts. In case of total loss (damage beyond repair) or theft of your car, Tata AIG ensures a quick and convenient settlement process to provide you with the sum insured of your car.

Protection against financial losses

If there is a bump or deep scratch on your car due to an accidental collision or an act of vandalism can lead to financial damages. Here, an Own Damage cover or comprehensive car insurance is useful as they offer complete protection to the insured vehicle from various kinds of damages, right from theft and accidents to damage due to natural disaster and more.

Cover against natural calamities

In case of floods, cyclones, storms, earthquakes or other natural calamities, your car can face significant damages and the extent of repairs can get costly. The financial plan provided by your four-wheeler insurance cover helps take care of these damages so that your car is safe and in good condition even in harsh weather.

Personal Accident Cover

You can also choose to have a Personal Accident Cover to the tune of ₹15 lakhs with your comprehensive car insurance plan. This cover offers protection against permanent total disability, death and major injuries caused to the owner-driver as a result of an accident. With Tata AIG, you can also add an optional cover – Liability to Unnamed Passengers – if you need added coverage over the Personal Accident Cover.

Points To Consider While Choosing Car Insurance

The process of buying car insurance is simple but takes time and quite a bit of research. Tata AIG understands the importance of having a suitable four wheeler insurance policy and offers car insurance policies that cater to varying individual needs and budgets. Below are some points you should consider when you buy car insurance:

Decide Insurance Type

While choosing four wheeler insurance, you can choose between a basic third party liability cover and a comprehensive insurance cover. While having a basic third-party insurance cover is a legal compulsion and covers damages caused only to a third party individual or property, a comprehensive car four-wheeler policy offers more extensive cover that offers protection against accidental damage, damages due to loss and theft, natural and man-made disasters and also offers a personal accident cover. We at TATA AIG also provide varied types of car insurance such as Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy, and Third Party Car Insurance Policy. This array of choices so that you can find the car insurance type that best suits you and your car’s needs.

Check Policy Coverage

The policy coverage of your car insurance policy will depend mainly on your needs and your budget. Apart from that, your car’s make and model, the area you live in and other factors will affect the policy coverage. While choosing a suitable insurance policy, you can use the Tata AIG car insurance calculator to calculate and compare the coverage of various policies before making an informed decision.

Availability of Add-ons

While you buy car insurance online or renew your policy, you can consider extending or enhancing your policy cover with the help of appropriate add-ons. We offer a set of 13 unique add-ons such as Key Replacement, Return to Invoice, Engine Secure and more, that meet various situations outside the scope of your car insurance policy. A selection of the appropriate add-ons in your car insurance policy can provide an all-round protection to your four wheeler.

Check Insured Declared Value

The IDV or Insured Declared Value of the car is its current market value. When calculating your car insurance, the IDV is important as it is the amount your car is insured for. In case of “total loss” - complete damage or theft of the car - the policyholder receives the Insured Declared Value when the claim is settled. Always select the IDV carefully as a lower IDV means insufficient compensation in the event of total loss, even though it means lower policy premiums. On the other hand, a higher IDV could mean paying more expensive premiums.

Network of Cashless Garages

If you want to repair your car in case of minor or major damages, then you could visit your insurance provider’s network garages to have the damages repaired. By doing so, you can avail of the cashless claims, wherein, the insurer will directly pay the cost of repairs to the garage, and you won’t have to splurge exorbitant amounts on your repairs!

Compare Quotes

Tata AIG’s online Car Insurance Calculator makes it easy for you to compare different four-wheeler insurance policies online. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose the insurance amount, the add-ons and then compare different plans to find the appropriate one to protect your car.

Check Claim Settlement Ratio, review, and service offered

The claim settlement ratio of a company is an important factor to be considered while purchasing your car insurance. If your insurer’s claim settlement ratio is high, it indicates a better chance of your claims being settled on time. Similarly, the service offered by the insurance company directly affects customer loyalty and should be checked before you buy a four-wheeler insurance policy from the company.

Types of Car Insurance Policies by TATA TRAVEL INSURANCE

Tata Travel Insuance offers many types of car insurance policies, each designed to address the varying needs of car owners and the coverage they need:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

The comprehensive car insurance policy offers extensive coverage as compared to a basic third party four wheeler insurance and offers protection against third-party liabilities as well as damage due to accidents, loss of the car, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. and man-made disasters. However, damages due to driving under the influence of substances and driving outside of the designated geographical area are not covered under a comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy.

Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy

If the insured car, bought after September 2018, suffers a financial loss as a result of accidental damage, the own damage cover takes care of the damages caused only to the insured car. This policy does not cover losses incurred by third parties and also is only applicable to cars bought after September 2018.

Stand Alone Third Party Car Insurance Policy

The standalone third party car insurance policy is a basic but legally mandatory car insurance policy. It protects you from the legal and financial liabilities that arise from damages caused to a third-party person or property by your insured car. However, this policy does not cover any damages to the insured car.

What Is Covered In Our Car Insurance Policy?

Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance policy offers you a wide coverage against multiple circumstances such as:

Theft of the Car

Under our comprehensive car insurance policy, we will reimburse you the Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the total market value of the car if your your car is stolen or there is total damage (damaged beyond repair) due to an accident.

Damages due to natural disasters

With a comprehensive car insurance policy or a standalone own damage cover, you will get financial protection against the damages caused by natural disasters like cyclones, flood, snowfall, frost, earthquakes, rainfall, etc.

Damages due to man-made calamities and fire

The own-damage cover or a comprehensive four-wheeler policy will offer coverage against the damages caused by riots, terrorist attacks, strikes, malicious man-made calamities, etc., along with the fire damages resulting from lightning, explosions, self-ignition and so on.

Damages caused to the car by an accident

Your car can suffer minor to major damages based on the severity of the accident. A comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy and a standalone own damage cover will take care of the financial liabilities arising from the repairs necessitated by accident.

Damages incurred in transit

Sometimes you may need to move your car from one location to another through waterways, railways, roadways, airways, etc. The damages caused to the car during transit are covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Third-Party Liability Cover

We cover 3rd party liabilities under our third-party car insurance as well as comprehensive car insurance policies. The bodily damages to a third party, death of a third party and damages to the third-party property caused by the insured four wheeler are covered under the third-party liability cover.

Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver

You can also choose to have a Personal Accident Cover to the tune of ₹15 lakhs with your comprehensive car insurance plan. This cover offers protection against permanent total disability, death and major injuries caused to the owner-driver as a result of an accident. With Tata AIG, you can also add an optional cover – Liability to Unnamed Passengers – if you need added coverage over the Personal Accident Cover.

Specific Coverage With a List of 13 Car Insurance Add-ons

You can enhance your comprehensive car insurance cover by choosing from a list of 13 car insurance add-ons. Get coverage for specific circumstances with a Roadside Assistance Cover, specific parts of the car with the Engine Secure and Tyre Secure covers, depreciation of vehicle with a Zero Depreciation Cover (Depreciation Reimbursement) and so much more with our car insurance add-ons!

What Is Not Covered In Our Car Insurance Policy?


  • Damages suffered after driving without a proper license

  • If the vehicle is used outside the geographical area i.e. outside India

  • Damages caused due to driving under influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Ordinary wear and tear due to regular usage and depreciation

  • Costs insured towards general maintenance of the vehicle

  • Damages caused due to negligence of the driver

  • Using a private vehicle for commercial usage

  • Damages caused due to speed racing, crash testing, etc.

  • Damages caused due to war or war-like situations in the country, and nuclear peril

  • Damages covered under a specific add-on when the add-on is not included

  • Reimbursement of only 50% cost for the replacement of consumables due to wear and tear

Car Insurance Add-on Covers

Add-on covers are additional benefits you can add to your car insurance or four wheeler insurance to enhance the protection offered by your policy. Tata AIG offers 12 such add-ons that you can choose from:

No Claim Bonus Protection

The No Claim Bonus or NCB Protection cover enables the policyholder to file a certain number of car insurance claims during the policy year while retaining the NCB discount. This add-on is useful if you want to file a claim and also protect your NCB discount. However, there is a limit on the number of claims that can be raised with this add-on. The NCB Protection is available only with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance

The road-side assistance is an add on that provides round-the-clock breakdown assistance to your insured car and you if the car breaks down in a remote location with no aid nearby. Your insurance provider will send a team to refuel or tow or offer a mechanic’s services in an emergency when contacted.

Repair of Glass Fiber and Plastic Parts

This add on lets you have the damaged glass, fiber and plastic parts repaired from the garage and then raise a claim for the damages without affecting your No Claim Bonus discount. However, for each policy year, only one repair claim is allowed against your comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy.

Daily Allowance

If your car meets with an accident and has to stay in the garage for a long time, the Daily Allowance add-on provides you with an amount for your travels without your car. The amount is payable for 10-15 days, subject to the cause of the four-wheeler insurance claim.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

Should your car meet with an accident and you’re unable to reach your destination, this add-on pays your overnight accommodation expenses in a hotel and the travel charges to go back home or to the city closest to your destination.

Key Replacement

The key replacement add on covers the cost of replacing your lost car keys in case of the car’s or key’s theft.

Engine Secure

The Engine Secure cover is among the useful add-ons as it protects one of the most expensive parts of your car - the car’s engine. If you stay in a flood-prone area, this add-on helps you file a claim for repairing or replacing the engine without incurring an extra cost. The comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy does not cover your engine’s protection. This add-on is not effective for old car engines that have undergone extensive wear and tear.

Tyre Secure

With this add on, you can cover the repair or replacement of a damaged tyre or the tube. However, this add-on can only protect the financial losses in case of loss or damage to the tyres and tubes in an accident.

Consumables Expenses

With this add-on, we cover the cost of the consumables in your insured car that are lost and have to be replaced due to an accident. Consumables include air conditioner gas, engine oil, gearbox oil, nut & bolt, oil filter and so on. However, the cost of fuel cannot be covered with this add on.

Loss of Personal Belongings

In case of an accident, this add-on helps cover the loss or damage of personal belongings such as clothes, video tapes, audio tapes and CDs. The add on does not cover the loss or damage of belongings such as debit and credit cards, jewellery, money, watches, etc.

Return to Invoice

When you file a claim for the total loss of your car due to theft or complete damage, this add-on helps cover the difference (due to depreciation) in the cost between the purchase price and the compensation amount. Also, if there is a new car of the same make and model in the market, we will reimburse the difference between the claim amount and the cost of the new model. We will also pay for the registration charges and the road tax you have spent on the car.

Zero Depreciation (Depreciation Reimbursement)

When you file a claim for damages, zero depreciation or nil depreciation (Depreciation Reimbursement) add-on enables you to be reimbursed for the deducted cost of depreciation on your car’s parts. Hence, you can receive the complete sum insured without the deduction of the depreciation. However, you can avail of this benefit only for the first two claims that are filed. This add on is only applicable for your own-damage car insurance policy or comprehensive car insurance policy.

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