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Even though many people may think that buying traveller insurance is a waste of money, the fact is, it’s an essential part of international trips. If you wish to save your time as well as money when travelling abroad, it’s prudent to buy travel insurance from a reputed insurer.

Every traveller’s needs and circumstances are different. If you need to travel out of the country for work more than once a year, you will have a few set expectations from a travel insurance policy. So, you need to choose a plan that would offer extensive coverage against medical as well as personal liabilities. Let’s find out what exactly is an annual multi-trip insurance plan.

Annual Travel Insurance Policy

If you are fond of travelling or if you need to travel outside the country more than once yearly, then you need to opt for a travel insurance policy without fail. An annual travel insurance policy will not only safeguard your finances during the trip but will also ensure that you are away from unnecessary expenses related to health and safety.

An annual international travel insurance plan, also known as annual multi-trip travel insurance, is specifically designed for frequent flyers. These insurance policies cover several trip-related exigencies. So, if you plan to travel out of the country more than once a year, instead of buying separate traveller insurance, it’s better to opt for a multi-trip policy.

So, if you are a business owner or work in a multinational company that needs you to travel outside the country pretty often, or if you are simply fond of travelling out of the country often, Tata AIG’s annual travel insurance policy can secure your trips and provide unmatched financial coverage against different kinds of trip-related emergencies.

Features of Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

If you are thinking about buying an annual travel insurance policy, you need to be aware of its features. Let’s learn about a few of them below-

  • Unlimited Trips in a Year: With annual multi-trip travel insurance, you can get coverage for an unlimited number of trips in a single year, with each trip having a duration of 30-45 days. This way, it will be cost-saving on your part to just pay the premium for one single policy rather than paying for multiple policies yearly.

  • Trip Assistance: Suppose you need to cancel or postpone or prepone your trip abroad due to some reason, the policy will compensate for the loss. Also, your flight may get delayed or cancelled and hence, you will be reimbursed for the unused and non-refundable amount of all your bookings like hotels, trips, flights, etc.

  • Flight delay or cancellation: You might miss a flight because of delays or because your first flight got canceled. With a multi-trip travel insurance plan, you will be compensated if your flight is canceled or delayed.

  • Unmatched Medical Support: When travelling abroad, you may fall ill and therefore, you might have to visit a doctor or get admitted to a hospital. You may even meet with an accident that may require you to get treated in a local hospital. And as we all know, medical costs abroad are expensive and hence, you may end up blowing off your entire budget on paying for your medical bills. But with an annual travel policy, your medical treatment costs will be taken care of by the insurer.

  • Loss of Baggage and Passport Coverage: If you end up losing the passport of your luggage during the trip, you can make a travel insurance claim and the insurer will cover all the costs of a replacement for your lost belonging. For your lost checked-in luggage, your total cost would be compensated by the travel plan.

  • Repatriation and Death Coverage: In case of the traveller’s (policyholder’s) sudden death or permanent disability during the trip, the repatriation of the body or the treatment expenses would be covered under the annual travel insurance policy.

  • Hijack Cover: If in case your plane gets hijacked, according to the policy terms and conditions, you’d be compensated for the distress caused to you during such an unfortunate incident.

Advantages of Annual Travel Insurance

There has been a rise in people travelling abroad for work and leisure. Most of the countries, keeping in mind the current post-pandemic scenario, expects their travellers to have a valid traveller insurance plan in hand. So, if you need to travel outside India more than once a year, it’s advisable for you to buy an annual travel insurance policy. If you are still not sure whether you’d need one or not, here is a simple list of great advantages that you will get with an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy in hand –

  • One single policy will provide you extensive coverage against several exigencies that may occur to you during multiple trips abroad in a single year.

  • Such policies come with an automatic cancellation cover that will allow you to claim reimbursement for a missed flight or cancelled hotel bookings.

  • You will not have to worry about buying a travel insurance plan every time you book your ticket for a trip abroad during a single year.

  • Such policies offer easy renewability options and you can also choose different cover plans along with the main insurance policy to make the policy more robust.

  • From medical emergencies to any other personal liability, an annual travel insurance policy will cover it all.

At Tata AIG, we have some of the best-suited annual multi-trip insurance policies for you.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to opt for multi-trip travel insurance varies from one insurer to another. However, the basic requirement of being able to buy one such policy is that you need to be between the age of 3 months to 70 years.

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